From the official website, Aurelia is an open-source next gen JavaScript client framework for mobile, desktop and web that leverages simple conventions to empower your creativity.
It could be another JavaScript framework, accentuating the JavaScript framework fatigue but Aurelia has an interesting approach and its community, led by Rob Eisenberg, is growing.

Rob Eisenberg

In few words, Rob Eisenberg is a JavaScript expert and was formerly a member of the Angular 2.0 Core Team at Google, before leaving it to start working on Aurelia. He made some clever decisions about Aurelia that turns it into a serious concurrent of existing solutions.


Aurelia is based on using ECMAScript 6 (and 7), meaning that we can develop right now with the next generation of JavaScript (which brings a tons of new powerful features). Aurelia is indeed shipped with tools that transpile ES6-7 into ES5 to make it work in all current Evergreen browsers.


Aurelia has adopted a MV* architecture with conventions, that avoid writing unnecessary code and increase productivity. Conventions can nonetheless be easily overridden to always have the most efficient code for any given situation.

Pluggable & Modular

Aurelia is the exact opposite of opinionated. That means that it can be decoupled to the point where you can use parts of it in other applications/Node.js modules. Developers who are unsatisfied with the way a particular component works can also replace it entirely.

At RedPelicans, we like to think one step further and it is not always easy but using ES6 remains a pretty obvious choice since specifications are now stable.
Even if Aurelia is not yet deployable in production, it appears to be very promising and we will keep an eye on it to follow its exciting roadmap.